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Computers are out to give you problems, usually whenever you need it to work the most. Stop downtime from getting you down by bringing your machine to us for a speedy repair that’ll leave you headache free. Here at PC Doc, we give every computer that comes in a free diagnostic and never start work until you’ve told us you’re OK with the price. Always.

We’re confident that you’ll leave PC Doc satisfied. After you’ve got your computer back, feel free to leave us a review about your experience on Google Places or Yahoo for a 10% discount on your next purchase!

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New, Used, and Custom PC Doc PC’S

Aside from just repairing PC’s and getting your computer back on its feet, we also sell Lenovo PC’s for business and home users. If you have a custom setup you’re looking for such as a gaming rig or a multi-monitor workstation, then we can configure and build the best custom PC for you!