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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Without Limits!


Prepare your business for the worst case scenario:

When the unexpected happens in any customer environment, it's critical to have a robust, well-tested TOTAL Business Continuity platform in place. Pc-Doc offers you the opportunity to adopt a Cloud solution that guarantees your customers 99.999% uptime in conjunction with a Backup Solution. During a major disaster, you can quickly get critical operations running again: recover data, virtualized machines, or even recover an entire site and network in minutes.

Business relies on critical data, applications and operating systems. Your business needs to protect all of these with backups, without any interference with your daily tasks. Having a data center is costly. Our plan is designed based on your business needs and budget, where cost is not an issue. Be assured in the event of a disaster, your data is safe, recoverable, and available.

Are you installing new hardware? No problem, we can restore all of your data, applications and operating system into a new system in a matter of minutes and you will be good to start your operation.



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